Our plastic products made from plastic waste, basically never change or decomposes for decades.When you build a wooden fence, it can be cheaper to buy, but it won't last as long as plastic

No painting is needed

Does not rot

Does not crack

Impervious to insects

Tinted through the
whole material

Washable with jetwash

You can cut, drill,
screw like wood

Can be recycled again

Do not entertain
mould growth

All our products are long-lasting, carefree, solid,. It can not only withstand weather, moisture, rust and UV radiation but also keeps parasites and molds away. Our raw material contains 95% recycled communal and industrial plastic waste, easy to cut, drill and screw just like wood.Thermal resistance of LL plastic products is between -30 ° C and +70 ° C. To recycle we need about 60% less energy than to make new, virgin plastic products.

It called plastic lumber or plastic wood. We are based near Edinburgh, our warehouse is in Penicuik.

If you are nearby, why do not come and see these plastic planks, fence posts and plastic benches in our warehouse? We are close to West Linton, Loanhead,Peebles, Carlops,Gorebridge,Haddington, Edinburgh, Dalkeith, Musselburgh, Livingston,Broxburn, Falkirk, or possibly Glasgow

You can build your own Garden Planters, Compost bin or Raised Beds, find a recycled plastic garden bench or build your first eco fence around your house even combine wooden fence panels with recycled plastic fence posts or other plastic boards.
LL Plastic Awards


Fence boards, benches and construction materials
from 100% recycled plastic


Our company distributes recycled plastic construction materials. We are committed to protecting our environment and recycling. With our product we can save trees and less chemicals getting into our soil and waters.

Thank you for protecting our planet!








as it does not absorb water so does not frost and crack

The installation of our products is extremely simple and does not require any special expertise. Home-made wood or metal-working DIY tools can be cut, drilled and screwed.

You can easily keep the color of our products vibrant; after easy washing (jetwash); after drying; glycerin-containing plastic-care product, or blowing the surface. If you repeat this in spring or autumn every year, the product's colour will last for 15 to 20 years. This color conservation treatment may be particularly useful for southern exposure fences.

For bonding our products as casing, we recommend SOUDAL Flooring Adhesive 26A or Adhesive Tube 24A for grouting, sealing and gluing SOUDAL FixAll products are recommended.

The production process is carried out under the ISO 9001: 2001 quality assurance system.


Small fence in Fife

A large privacy fence in Fallin

Decking Edinburgh

Front panel with gate

Rear garden fence panels, 6ft high

Kennel with plastic frame and decking base

Grey fencing Edinburgh

Broxburn Project

Front fence Edinburgh

6 ft fence Glasgow


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