Plastic Bench

Plastic benches

After installing our bench elements or benches, you can forget your worries about weather damage! They are made of extremely durable pressed plastic. They resist moisture, rotting and warping.

Their robust design protects against vandalism. Easy to clean and UV resistant!

Installation is simple and requires no special expertise, especially if you need to build them on a finished metal, concrete or other foundation.

You do not need to treat these materials so compare to wooden benches, the price difference will be equal after a few years, same like with our plastic fences.

Our bench and table items are ideal for the following uses:

  • terraces, gardens
  • nursery, school and public playgrounds
  • parks, campsites and picnic sites
  • pools, beaches,
  • parks for health and social institutions
  • bus stations, 
  • equipment for sports facilities

Mobile planters with bottom board


120 x 15 x 19.5 mm: £48 SALE: £39.12
60 x 15 x 19.5 mm: £28 SALE: £19.08


6 ft fence Glasgow

Front fence Edinburgh

Broxburn Project

Grey fencing Edinburgh

Kennel with plastic frame and decking base

Rear garden fence panels, 6ft high

Front panel with gate

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