Plastic Lumber

Plastic boards, mounting profiles

Plastic slats are recommended for horizontal and vertical installation of fences and are also suitable for use as floorboards.
Plastic profiles are more resistant to weather conditions than wood or iron products. They are not rotting, they are not absorbing moisture, so they do not require any maintenance and are still durable! 

Assembly tips:
The profile can be easily shaped, drilled with a metal or woodworking machine and does not require surface treatment. Plastics have a greater thermal expansion than wood or metal. This should be taken into account in the construction work! When fastening with screws, drill a hole larger than 1-2 mm and do not tighten the screws completely. Plastic profiles are very solid, but they are more bent, so they need to be more densely supported.

50x80x2500mm profile

50 x 80 x 2500 mm: £12.84

T&G board

132 x 32 x 1500 mm: £8

Mobile planters with bottom board


120 x 15 x 19.5 mm: £48 SALE: £39.12
60 x 15 x 19.5 mm: £28 SALE: £19.08


6 ft fence Glasgow

Front fence Edinburgh

Broxburn Project

Grey fencing Edinburgh

Kennel with plastic frame and decking base

Rear garden fence panels, 6ft high

Front panel with gate

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