Plastic fence boards

Our plastic fence is a  cost-effective and durable solution:
they are extremely resistant to weather conditions colored and UV stabilised made of solid material, so that they can be adjusted to any size in addition, we distribute it in different sizes, so  minimal loss of material is produced.

Resists moisture, pathogens, parasites and mould.

With minimal treatment, the color of our fences is preserved with a simple glycerol spray

Fields of application:
Family houses and cottages
Industrial and agricultural properties
Public institutions, public, schools, playgrounds, parks

Available colours:
We currently distribute 3 colour variants

Installation tips:
Our plastic fences are easy to drill, cut and sand. They can be machined using ordinary wood or metalworking tools and DIY machines.
Plastics have a greater thermal expansion than wood or metal. This must be taken into account in the construction work!
Use longitudinal oval holes when fixing with screws. What to do with a drill bit. We recommend the use of stainless and self-locking fasteners for fastening fences. Instead of using normal screw, select the hexagonal bolt screw secured with a self-locking nut. For further mounting options and advice, contact us at any of our contact details

Mobile planters with bottom board


120 x 15 x 19.5 mm: £48 SALE: £39.12
60 x 15 x 19.5 mm: £28 SALE: £19.08


6 ft fence Glasgow

Front fence Edinburgh

Broxburn Project

Grey fencing Edinburgh

Kennel with plastic frame and decking base

Rear garden fence panels, 6ft high

Front panel with gate

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